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What a Challenge – A Dream Home for The Wheelchair Bound

posted by: Maybelle Ng in Property News

My years in this business, and I never realised how tough it is for a big family with an elderly who is  wheelchair-bound to find THE HOME.

Just so you can get a feel of what hurdles I’m talking about.

1) Steps are a big no-no

Not at the lift lobby. Not at the car park. And most importantly, not inside within the unit. Many projects we have visited have split levels between the dining area and living hall. Older projects, especially were not wheelchair friendly ie. Parbury Hill condo, Changi Green, just to name a few.

Parbury Hill Condo for example, has a flight of steps before the lift lobby when you enter via covered car park. Even if you were to go by the swimming pool route, there is a flight of 3 steps down, then another flight of 3 steps or more up again before you finally get to the lift.

2) Must be on lift level

You might be rolling your eyes now, thinking “Even HDB (Housing Development Board, Singapore’s public housing) also upgraded with lift access!”

(FYI, many projects are still walk-up developments).

3) Number of toilets  / size of toilets

For a family of 7 members, 2 bathrooms are simply a stress inducer. The wheelchair bound takes a longer time in the bathroom (understandably). Hence with 3 children and another 3 adults, you can picture the chaos in the morning and evenings.  3 toilets is a need not a want.

Size of bathroom – some were so tiny, the doorway was meant for a svelte person, let alone a hefty 120kg lady on a 1-metre wide wheelchair. Sigh!

Last week, brought my buyer to view these 2 projects Apollo Gardens (Upper Changi Road) and Casa Flora (Salam Walk).

Check out Apollo Gardens:


Apollo Gardens Facade

Built in the 1980s, simple walk-up design apartment where all units are double storey maisonettes. Hence 1st & 2nd are one unit, and the 3rd & 4th is another.

The one we saw was a ground floor unit, with a so-called granny room (not very ideal as it was located inside the kitchen itself!) Lucky thing was you can enter the unit through the backyard door but the common toilet was too narrow for wheelchair bound to shower or use the WC. It was about 40 sq ft long and narrow.

I like the fact that the car park lot was right outside the ground floor unit. It feels like a landed home.


Apollo Gardens car park

Review Casa Flora:

This one is at Salam Walk. The surroundings was serene and  not too deep into the landed enclave. My buyers rather like the environment….BUT…

See below- Look at what the buyer has to go through to reach the entrance to the unit on a rainy day. 3 flights of stairs.
Casa Flora stairway 1

Casa Flora stairway 2

Casa Flora stairway 3

Another way to unit will be exposed to the elements of weather, via one flight of stairs and cut through the common area across the garden (no covered shelter).

Casa Flora Swimming Pool

The pool was undergoing facelift.

It was really a pity. The layout though was not perfect had a lot of potential, it was a spacious 1700sqft layout with a front yard and huge hall. Many split – levels within unit again. 7/10 for potential!

Lets persevere!

Will post more on next week’s viewing. Stay tuned.