Landed Property Viewing at Peakville – What an Adventure

posted by: Maybelle Ng in Property News

Peakville Area (along Upper Changi Road) is rather lovely. It has all the elements that I feel is essential to a nice landed housing enclave.

1) The roads are wide. Wide enough for a car to park alongside , and still allow cars to go through on the same lane.

Landed Property at Peakville

See how the 7-seater comfortably occupies only half a lane?

This way, no congestion whilst driving in. (If you stay Telok Kurau enclave, you’ll know just what I’m talking about).

2) Serene peaceful surroundings. This landed enclave isn’t very huge. Hence less traffic and less neighbors.

3) Many original state landed house.

Peakville landed estate

Some reconstruction along Peakville estate.

Upside – lots of potential. You pay less for an older property so you can put in your own perfect renovation , either A&A (addition & alteration), reconstruction or rebuilt.

4) Not too deep into the landed estate.

Why? Many owners drive but their older kids probably take the public transport, if it takes 15min or thereabouts to walk to a bus stop / main road.. It isn’t exactly a plus. Not to the kids at least.

This particular unit at Peakville Ave, is along the second lane, parallel to the main road.

Well, if you drive, it doesn’t matter to you. But you don’t, the nearest bus stop is a mere 2 minutes walk away, minus any noise pollution from main road.

To add to the wow factor is the new kid on the block, East Village Mall with retail shops and F & B outlets.

(Contact me if you keen in this unit, it has potential).

Peakville landed estate

My conclusion:

If you have always been dreaming about owning your own FREEHOLD landed property, prefer to keep it under $2.5m, then you may wish to consider Peakville Estate as an option..